Friendly Match vs Eastonians (Met Police), May 17, 2009, Chigwell

Pot, Kettling, Black*

by Andy Wyatt

* Headline editor's own

The ground and facilities were admirable. The weather was like a fairytale. Grim.

Jason Lord lost the toss and, after being invited to bat, was at pains to point out to our openers the importance of a solid start to our 40 overs. This might explain his slightly disappointed look at having to come to the wicket with us at 13 for 2 in the fourth over.

The pitch had received a bit of rain in the preceding days, giving some interest to the bowlers who were all tidy, but sustained concentration was lacking in our batsmen. This, allied to an excellent fielding performance, where all except one chance was snapped up, led to our mediocre total. Note that all ten dismissals were catches. The one dropped chance was a classic though. The wicketkeeper's stylish trot, flap and fumble of the dolliest of dollies causing most of his team-mates to collapse on the floor in laughter.

To defend 120 in 40 overs we needed to take wickets, and quickly. It did not happen.

Simon took his last wicket as a thirtysomething on the stroke of tea, but after stocking up on sausages and chips in the clubhouse, the runs came quickly back on the park. The Met Police captain hit a lusty 30-odd to complement the opener's controlled fifty which was brought to an end by Brock, whose bowling and batting combined made him the Fields' player of the day.

In the end we were comprehensively beaten but enjoyed the day thanks to our amiable hosts.

We look forward to returning in August, when hopefully we can score some runs, and it will not be so bleeding cold.

Here's the scorecard:

London Fields Batting

120 for 10 in 30.0

Name Scoring How Out Bowler Runs
Steve Fernbank Caught Unknown 1
Andy Wyatt Caught Unknown 7
Dave Miller Caught Unknown 3
Jason Lord Caught Unknown 24
Paul Teasdale Caught Unknown 21
Ben Sanders Caught Unknown 13
Richard Johnson Caught Unknown 0
Brock Martin Caught Unknown 28
Colin Black Caught Unknown 2
Simon Lee Caught Unknown 0
Ryan Dunn Not Out Unknown 1
Extras None Extras 20
Eastonians (Met Police) CC Batting

122 for 2 in 21.0

London Fields Bowling
Name O M R W Eco Avg S.R
Simon Lee 7.0 1 32 1 4.57 32.0 42.00
Ryan Dunn 7.0 0 41 0 5.86
Ben Sanders 2.0 0 8 0 4.00
Colin Black 3.0 0 13 0 4.33
Brock Martin 2.0 0 18 1 9.00 18.0 12.00