Friendly Match vs Spot-Fixing 11, May 18, 2019, Victoria Park (NTP)

Hambledon, Lord’s, the MCG, Eden Gardens, Sabina Park... Victoria Park?

London Fields (262-8) beat Spot-Fixing 11 (200 all out) by 62 runs

by Tristan Jones

Hambledon, Lord’s, the MCG, Eden Gardens, Sabina Park... To these storied names must now be added one more. For last Saturday, courtesy of LFCC’s very own Dhawal, Victoria Park witnessed the greatest catch in the history of cricket.

Fields, batting first, set a challenging 262 off 35 overs. New opponents Spot-Fixing, a young XI in their first match together, proved lithe of limb and strong of haunch, if occasionally a little lacking in match fitness. Their decision not to take the new ball until the start of the fifth over backfired, however, and James and Steve punished the opening bowlers, James going on to make a glorious 67. The run rate soared as a brutal – frankly, frightening – partnership saw the twin Vikings, Orin (46) and Oli (28), put on 70 runs in less than six overs. Then came Alec’s stylish 48, ably supported by Troy’s 23*: twin captains’ innings to twist the knife.

The batting was only an appetiser for the banquet to come. Under normal circumstances we’d be talking about Alec’s Zen-like captaincy and probing opening overs, Troy’s skilful containment of the big-hitting youngsters, newcomers Liam and Alex’s handy spells, Oli’s triple-wicket haul, and a terrific fielding display by the whole team. But circumstances were far from normal. This day belonged to Dhawal, whose expert off spin accounted for five wickets for a miserly 15 runs. That was extraordinary enough; wicket number 3 was out of this world. Flinging out his right hand to intercept an on drive travelling at twice the speed of light, Dhawal stopped the ball with what seemed like sheer force of will, then, calmly, took the catch at the second attempt. Even then he bowled on, his now-macerated palm an expanse of purple, swollen steak. Two wickets later he did it again. This time a certain flat six, a shot that Thor himself could hardly have struck more sweetly, left the bat like a tracer, only to find itself nestled in Dhawal’s massive right paw. The game was done. History had been made.

London Fields Batting

262 for 8 in 35.0

Name Scoring How Out Bowler Runs
James Gingall Bowled Croft 67
Steve Fernbank Caught McGregor 18
Oren Caught Hynes 45
Oli Turner Bowled Hynes 28
Alex Watson Bowled Castleman 4
Alec McCrindle Caught Davies 48
Dhawal Sawant Caught Hynes 2
Troy Utz Not Out Unknown 23
Tristan Jones Not Out Unknown 2
Richard Hoggart Caught Castleman 1
Mike Benn Did Not Bat Unknown 0
Extras None Extras 24
Spot-Fixing 11 CC Batting

200 for 10 in 30.0

London Fields Bowling
Name O M R W Eco Avg S.R
Troy Utz 6.0 1 31 1 5.17 31.0 36.00
Alec McCrindle 3.0 0 12 1 4.00 12.0 18.00
Liam Pryle 5.0 0 34 1 6.80 34.0 30.00
Dhawal Sawant 5.0 0 15 6 3.00 2.5 5.00
Alex Watson 5.0 0 25 0 5.00
Tristan Jones 2.0 0 40 0 20.00
Oli Turner 5.0 0 31 2 6.20 15.5 15.00
Richard Beswick 1.0 0 1 0 1.00