League Match vs Pacific CC, April 20, 2019, London Fields

No Resurrection For Pacific

London Fields (60-1) beat Pacific (59 all out) by 9 wickets

by skipper Troy Utz

After last year’s crushing defeat and eventual languishing at the lower end of the table, it would have been a poetic Easter tale if Pacific could have resurrected like a cricketing Christ. Alas, no one would roll the giant stone away to allow them out of the cave.

Indeed, Uppendra and Hitesh (The Hitman) took it upon themselves to stand guard at the entrance to the cave and sharpen their swords before disembowelling any would be saviours. A wicket each in their first overs – a product of tight and difficult bowing and a fairly tame defensive effort from the openers.

Perennial run maker and ‘big wicket’, Toby C set about rebuilding the failing bible tale – including a godly 6 over cover – only to be undone by frustration and a diving catch from his home town pal, Robin Friend.

Hitesh went on a rampage at this point, including 2 in 2 and the batsman’s best efforts to reward him with a hatrick (the ball trickled past leg stump after a swish-swash half drive).

Carl reminded us at this point that when the foot is on the throat, push down harder. I couldn’t help but imagine him in full Roman solider attire, joining the massacre with Upps and the Hitman. Clearly captain Teasedale had the same vision and tossed the ball to Carl and Dhawal for a double bowling change. Carl bowled well for a first game back after a netless winter. Dhawal got it ripping and spitting from the Turley end and before we could even settle into the second half the Pacific innings was over and the winning target was a mere 60.

During the innings break there was much conjecture and concern from Robin and Oli as to how and when the free beer could be chilled and consumed. It took stern words from Teasedale to shake them from their derangement: an easy and inevitable victory. If only Tease could have been there to advise the smug Pontius Pilate, who no doubt cracked the top of a couple of coldies after waving Jesus off as he disappeared up the hill, cross silhouette rippling slowly over the rocky terrain.

As is usual in this type of LFCC run chase, everyone down to number 8 felt that they might be needed. But not today. Robin and Alex tore into the Pacific attack and within several overs spiritual and beer guidance guru, Tease, allowed Oli to skip off to the shop to purchase ice and chill the holy waters. Attempting a miracle of his own, Alex attempted a lap sweep only to be bowled. New man, Stuart, strode in at 3 and after a few defensive shots, tickled one round the corner for 4 and a thoroughly comprehensive victory.

Given that it was only 3:30, a T20 was hastily organised. We won that as well.

London Fields Batting

62 for 1 in 6.0

Name Scoring How Out Bowler Runs
Robin Friend Not Out Unknown 29
Alex Turner Bowled Howes 24
Stuart Bell Not Out Unknown 4
Vijay Shah Did Not Bat Unknown 0
Paul Teasdale Did Not Bat Unknown 0
Carl Death Did Not Bat Unknown 0
Troy Utz Did Not Bat Unknown 0
Upendra Singh Gusain Did Not Bat Unknown 0
Oli Turner Did Not Bat Unknown 0
Dhawal Sawant Did Not Bat Unknown 0
Hitesh Naik Did Not Bat Unknown 0
Extras None Extras 5
Pacific CC CC Batting

59 for 10 in 18.0

London Fields Bowling
Name O M R W Eco Avg S.R
Upendra Singh Gusain 7.0 2 13 1 1.86 13.0 42.00
Hitesh Naik 6.0 1 23 5 3.83 4.6 7.20
Dhawal Sawant 3.0 0 8 3 2.67 2.67 6.00
Carl Death 2.0 0 15 0 7.50