Friendly Match vs Rose & Crown, June 8, 2013, Walthamstow

Perfect Day For Cricket, Except...

London Fields lost to Rose & Crown

by Tom Goodwin

London Fields played Rose & Crown CC in a friendly at Walthamstow Central, the sun was belting the changing rooms were professional and London Fields were feeling in a positive mood to set a big total and show Rose & Crown how it's done.

The start was bold with Robin getting the scoring under way with six straight down the ground. Robin (41) and Kapila (34) put on the largest partnership of the innings with 83 in 18 overs (RR 4.6), following on from their unbeaten 100+ partnership the week before.

Both openers were dismissed trying to force lofted shots down the ground, which set the trend for the rest of the innings with Fernie (16), Taz (6), Tom (21) and Rick (6) all being caught proving that the wicket was playing a lot slower than first thought.

The second biggest partnership for the innings was 43 runs for the 5th wicket between Chris (20) and Troy (26). Troy was looking in good form with a couple of sixes but went one to many and the ball sneaked through the gate to bowl him for an important 26.

In the end London Fields were all out for 190 in the 39th over. As Fernie pointed out we have defended lower totals before and we were confident we could keep them to below 5 an over and pick up regular wickets.

Simon and returning LFCC legend Rick bowled tight opening spells picking up two key wickets. At drinks we were well under control with Rose & Crown CC 60 for 4. Somehow the game slowly fell away from us as their opener found gaps with ease and scored a match winning 87. In the end we lost by two wickets with 9 balls remaining. There was one last hope the game might end in a drawn with Taz picking up a wicket maiden and Rose & Crown taking 9 balls to hit the winning runs.

Unfortunately cricket was not the winner on the day - Rose & Crown CC were. In the end our 19 wides and misfielding let us down and could have been the difference between a win and a loss.

London Fields Batting

190 for 10 in 39.0

Name Scoring How Out Bowler Runs
Robin Friend Caught Ian 41
Kapila Perera Caught Sean 34
Steve Fernbank Caught Ian 16
Paul Holden Bowled Ian 0
Dave Miller Caught & Bowled Patrick 6
Chris Rice Stumped Ian 20
Troy Utz Bowled Brian 26
Tom Goodwin Caught Chinni 21
Rick Derons Caught Richard 6
Simon Yates Not Out Unknown 1
Mark Holden LBW Chinni 0
Extras None Extras 19
Rose & Crown CC Batting

191 for 8 in 38.0

London Fields Bowling
Name O M R W Eco Avg S.R
Simon Yates 7.0 2 31 2 4.43 15.5 21.00
Rick Derons 7.0 1 25 1 3.57 25.0 42.00
Tom Goodwin 4.0 3 6 0 1.50
Troy Utz 8.0 0 24 1 3.00 24.0 48.00
Mark Holden 5.0 0 32 1 6.40 32.0 30.00
Steve Fernbank 3.0 0 34 0 11.33
Dave Miller 4.0 0 26 2 6.50 13.0 12.00