Friendly Match vs St Peters CC, Brighton, May 26, 2013, Brighton

Match Report Day One v. St Peters CC

This report is a collective stream of consciousness from all tourists. Italics by Chris Skinner.

We met at London Bridge

One train. No mishaps. Toss won by Taz. A day to cream up and bat.

We batted first, AG had an interesting bruise

A solid then quick start by AG and Steve. Fine offside drives, off with a blat.

Ferny on fire with flair and panache, AG with love bite after scoring Swedish

AG attempted to hide love bite by attacking a Beamer with his neck.

Solid opening partnership of 140 before Steve departs for 68. AG follows shortly after for 50.

Flat track bully Smarticus tucks in to oppo bowling.

Alec takes over and plays some straight batted shots. Unlucky to depart early. Lordy steps in.

Arthur brings up a 59 ball hundred all scored post drinks! Good pep talk from Taz.

Lordy and Mrs polish off a bottle of Sauvignon before Lordy takes to the crease.

A leg glance and a late cut are on show. that wine works.

Turley, not early, but there to drink lager and cheer the boys on.

TT glad to get off for a beer! Legs already seizing up!

We scored 293, thanks to some hitting from Arthur and well crafted 50s from Ferny and Steve

Richard P opens the bowling and bowls a beautiful outswinger first ball which is dropped by Taz in 1st slip.

Skinner rather than pulling like Gooch, pulls his gooch in the field

Skinner, pulled a glute in the field early in the reply, but played on.

Some tight middle order bowling from Skinner, Taz, Tedore & Steve F pushes the required run rate above 12 an over.

Dazza brought in back down though, well bowled dazzler.

Darrin took some tap. The game finished with a 30 run win despite some aggressive late hitting

Well done Double Daz on the double vodka commitment in the club house. 8 vodkas increased Dazzlers desire to find some lovely young women.

After this, we went to the pub, and the pub, and the pub. Dinner was served at 11pm in a pub. In the pub was a Venezuelan Scottish lady who was charming an Italian, before getting bored of him, and then charming a Spanish man. That made the Italian sad.

There were also some small Finnish ladies who said they were going to come and watch us play. We'll see.

They must have gone to the wrong park, they never showed. At 3am we headed back to the dorm.

Eight men snoring on shelves in one room. "It's like Shawshank, with shelves." (Jason Lord)

Class. Wormwood Scrubs has a higher rating on TripAdvisor.

London Fields Batting
Name Scoring How Out Bowler Runs
Adam Graham Caught Wilson 50
Steve Fernbank Caught Wilson 68
Arthur Smart Bowled Parker 114
Alec McCrindle LBW Parker 5
Jason Lord Not Out Unknown 19
Dave Miller Bowled Tongue 5
Chris Skinner Not Out Unknown 1
Paul Alexander Did Not Bat Unknown 0
Tony Tedore Did Not Bat Unknown 0
Richard Phillips Did Not Bat Unknown 0
Darrin Lewis Did Not Bat Unknown 0
Extras None Extras 38
London Fields Bowling
Name O M R W Eco Avg S.R
Richard Phillips 6.0 1 28 1 4.67 28.0 36.00
Paul Alexander 5.0 0 40 0 8.00
Chris Skinner 8.0 1 53 2 6.62 26.5 24.00
Dave Miller 7.0 0 25 0 3.57
Tony Tedore 7.0 0 61 1 8.71 61.0 42.00
Steve Fernbank 4.0 0 13 0 3.25
Darrin Lewis 3.0 0 45 0 15.00