Friendly Match vs Palmers CC, Hove, May 27, 2013, Brighton

Match Report Day Two v. Palmers CC

Italics again by Chris Skinner

We woke somewhere between 8am and 10. We’ve felt better, but this was no Croatian furniture of a hangover. For the record, I had a sore bum and couldn’t turn to my left.

Timed game today, The Fields working up a thirst

AG bats second Alexander the first

One handed shots from the man with the beard

Paul Alexander hit 37 from just 18 balls

Ropey Robin leaves a ball that turns and the takes the top of off

Donelan and Miller steadying the ship but now Smart replacing Donelan who has just walked off. No one knew. Apart from him apparently.

Donelan walked for a caught behind. Not even the ball knew it had hit his bat. No one at Palmers did either

Will we get to see numbers 10 and 11 bat? Fernbank and McCrindle.

Perhaps not, as Miller proceeds and Arthur starts where he left off yesterday.

Arthur failed with the bat, only hitting a 50 and not clearing the pavilion.

Turley wore a bag on his head

I do not know why the above statement is relevant, but it is true

Fernie quacked for the team

As did Skinner and Phillips

Jason bared his saggy 8rse to the world.

He seemed to be wearing a nappy whilst batting. I do not know why.

251 in 2 1/2 hours, circa 35 overs

We needed to bowl out the oppo to win

Opening up is McCrindle & Donelan...the bowling is tight but the batsmen defend solidly

On comes the Skinner, wickets are needed. 2 wickets in the over before drinks gets the boys excited... game on!

Time to introduce Jay Lo and his bag of tricks. "No Jason, you can't have a 3rd slip"

So many variations, what will be next? Wickets, two more, and so we progressed.

Skinner with 4 wickets, and Lordy with 2 made victory likely. Meanwhile an umpire was standing in a funny place...

"Excuse me umpire, would you mind standing at square leg instead of on the 45?"

As if making 170 odd with the bat for the weekend wasn't enough, Smarticus came on to take 3 wickets and wrap up the tail... the combined age of his wickets about 200

Then we all stayed behind with a beer to watch Darrin Lewis play in the under twelves. The end.

London Fields Batting
Name Scoring How Out Bowler Runs
Adam Graham Bowled Unknown 43
Paul Alexander Bowled Unknown 37
Richard Phillips Bowled Derett 0
Robin Friend Bowled Unknown 27
Dave Miller Caught Unknown 40
Chris Skinner Bowled Unknown 0
Stephen Donelan Caught Unknown 15
Arthur Smart Caught Dawes 68
Jason Lord Not Out Unknown 4
Steve Fernbank Caught Unknown 0
Alec McCrindle Bowled Unknown 2
Extras None Extras 26
London Fields Bowling
Name O M R W Eco Avg S.R
Alec McCrindle 7.0 1 31 0 4.43
Stephen Donelan 8.0 2 28 0 3.50
Chris Skinner 10.0 3 27 4 2.70 6.75 15.00
Jason Lord 7.0 0 21 2 3.00 10.5 21.00
Arthur Smart 4.0 2 3 3 0.75 1.0 8.00
Dave Miller 3.0 1 6 1 2.00 6.0 18.00