Friendly Match vs Southwark Park CC, Sat 16th June 2018, Southwark Park

London Fields (294-7) beat Southwark Park CC (191 all out)

by Rupert Ekblom

On a cool, blustery Saturday afternoon 11 intrepid Fielders made a rare venture out into the wasteland south of the river to take on Southwark Park in this year's return fixture. Captain Hughes, sporting his customary Rocky-style 70s Adidas zip-ups, won the toss and elected to hit the Southwark Parkmen straight up with our strong batting lineup, including some seasoned midweek astro specialists, offering the potential for big runs on a small ground.

Robbo and A Turner opened up against some steady bowling, both circumspect to start with before Robin moved through the gears and started smiting anything loose (and much that was tight too) all over the shop, including 4 monster sixes. A Turner also batted in his usual idiosyncratic manner, keeping out some tight, probing bowling while rotating the strike and safely depositing any refuse in the appropriate receptacle. Our pair put on over 100, only for your humble narrator to return to see both fall in quick succession after the former had got lost on a beer and Doritos hunt in the massive labyrinthine Tesco across the way.

After Robin was out for 73 and Alex for 56, there was no let up as the Chrispy one and Tommy Hughes replaced them, both setting about some slightly looser bowling with vigour. Chris was in particularly fine form, mixing sweeps, late dabs and nurdles off the legs with some power hitting, the highlight being a straight six down the ground off one of the Parkies' seamers. Both ultimately succumbed unluckily, in a manner fully worthy of the old adage, with Chris finishing on 31. Unfortunately for the men of the Sūþ Weorc, their bowling declined from the polite to the positively affable, just as two of our most merciless flayers of loose bowling - Alec and Vidal - lumbered to the crease sensing blood, and the score already north of 200. True to type, both were merciless in dispatching some patchy bowling; Maccer unfurling the double forehand to pull a few winners straight down the line, while Vidders unleashed his (Bha)wrath on some juicy longhops, the highlight being a flat six pulled viciously over deep square leg. After both had eventually got out looking to pulverise through the death overs, PA made a quick couple of singles and a boundary to some much improved bowling changes, only to prove his awesome-blokeishness once again when he walked for 8 after unluckily feathering a full toss to the keeper. Fields finished on 294-7 off our 40 overs.

Our fielding effort began with a Fielder short before Chris returned triumphantly clutching a mouthwatering square cheeseburger in a polystyrene carton from the Park caff. We opened up with an exciting new pair of debutants, Matt and Jake, who both took to their roles instantly. Matt challenged the stumps and pads regularly as he probed a full length with his inswing and crafty changes of pace, while Jake cranked up some solid clicks behind the ball, consistently beating the batsmen for pace outside off stump. One of the Warkers decided it was hit out or get out in the face of our penetrative aggression, and managed to slap a few fours through cover and the slips off good length balls, but our new wangsmen were undeterred, and some good pressure from Matt brought a skier that keeper Robin unsurprisingly gobbled down with ease, while Jake eventually got his man, slashing to Ricey at slip.

Your humble narrator came on at first change, determined to nail their new lefty who had taken to trying to pull everything off a length, rapping him on the pads several times but each sliding achingly just past leg stump. Ekblom eventually did as implored by his tour song, and dropped the sex bomb, bowling a couple with wronguns, though for reasons best known unto him, his bowling became more of a mixed bag as the spell progressed and offered some juicy pies to be swatted away by their silver haired number 6 who'd decided to go down swinging when he came in at 100 odd for 5.

Meanwhile at the other end, an initially rusty O Turner had come on, offering a mix of the roundly hittable and the totally unplayable. Said grey-haired gallivanter continued his rampage, hoying several loose ones to the fence, before Oli finally got the better of him when he pushed a lovely offie past a demented mow at thin air, with Friendly whipping off the stumps. A sharp bit of fielding by Vidal at mid off saw him throw to Oli to effect a slick run out at the non-striker's end, while Oli's consistency continued to improve through his spell, yielding a further 2 scalps for his troubles. It was then time for Vidal the Enforcer, with his lumbering lope to the wicket, to mete out some justice to the final miscreant lower order batsmen who'd also opted to chance their arm and have a thrash in the face of a moribund chase with over 150 still needed. Right on cue, our man performed the last rites on the innings and it was all over, Fields winning by a handsome 100 run margin.

London Fields Batting

 NameScoringHow OutBowlerRuns
1Robin Friend CaughtCharlie78
2Alex Turner LBWTalah56
3Chris Rice CaughtPatill32
4Tom Hughes CaughtAdam11
5Alec McCrindle CaughtTalah36
6Paul Alexander CaughtUnknown8
7Vidal Bharath BowledCharlie26
8Jake  NotOut5
9Oli Turner NotOut5
10Matt BlythDidNotBat-
11Rupert EkblomDidNotBat-
    Total 294 for 7

Southwark Park CC Bowling

No Details

Southwark Park CC Batting

191 all out in 29 overs

London Fields Bowling

1Matt Blyth6033133.00
2Jake 8047147.00
3Rupert Ekblom6041220.50
4Oli Turner5.1050316.67
5Vidal Bharath2020120.00

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