League Match vs Daman Cricket Club, Sat 9th September 2017, North Marsh

Who Daman?

London Fields (153-4) beat Daman (152 all out) by 6 wickets

by Alec McCrindle

In a winner-takes-the-league, final game of the season for the title contenders, we started in the field, and promptly dropped six or so catches in the first ten overs. The arrival of Alec, with cakes, and trailing a long flag of kitchen paper seemed a pivotal moment in the mindset of the team. Catches were held and level-headedness prevailed in our team thereafter. The Daman batsmen kept playing attacking cricket, connecting with some at the start, but ultimately throwing their wickets away, regardless of the fate of those that had come and gone before them. Perhaps they needed the promise of cake?

Turley's miserly birthday spell of eight overs for 13 runs completely against the run of play. Troy bowled seam up for the first time in the season and made the ball sing. His 5 wickets going a long way to ensuring Daman set LFCC a gettable target of 153 to take the league title.

We took a more sensible approach in the chase, with a well paced 65 from Robin and excellent support from the other batters. While Daman had some excellent bowlers, our batters defended well and waited for the short or wide deliveries. Michael Warner showed that he can play on astro, as suggested, with a beautiful flick off his legs before departing. VJ batted well again but got a skidder. There was some excitement with a flurry of boundaries (bowling short to Robin still not a good tactic, as three quick sixes proved) and couple of wickets to said skiddy balls, but Steve Dunn and Dave Lane saw us safely over the line without too much drama. This allowed us to bask in the multiple rainbows that had appeared from the sky, accompanied by the cheap Prosecco that appeared from Dave Lanes bag... as NELCL league champions.

Daman Cricket Club Batting

152 all out in 31 overs

London Fields Bowling

1Phil Clark6044144.00
2Vijay Shah8043221.50
3Troy Utz804959.80
4Paul Turley8213113.00
5Michael Warner1011111.00

London Fields Batting

 NameScoringHow OutBowlerRuns
1Robin Friend BowledUnknown65
2Michael Warner CaughtUnknown20
3Alex Turner BowledUnknown7
4Vijay Shah BowledUnknown15
5Steve Dunn NotOut24
6Dave Lane NotOut13
7James GingallDidNotBat-
8Troy UtzDidNotBat-
9Phil ClarkDidNotBat-
10Tom HughesDidNotBat-
11Paul TurleyDidNotBat-
    Total 153 for 4

Daman Cricket Club Bowling

No Details

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