Friendly Match vs Hackney Umpires CC, Sun 16th July 2017, London Fields

Happy Days

London Fields lost to Hackney Umpires CC

by Tom Hughes

The Fields convened on a muggy Sunday to smash and strangulate the Hackney Umpires. Talk was of this fixture last year where Sam Barrett smashed a double ton. The batsmen were hoping for a cheap and easy boost to their numbers and ego, much like can be found in The Dolphin on a Friday night.

Skipper Jason's first contribution was to lose the toss and to some deflation we were bowling. Hugh and Dazzler took the new ball. Hugh quickly settled into a probing line on off stump with a delicous soup├žon of away shape. Dazzler also started quickly, varying his pace well. Both beat the bat numerous times. Hugh finally getting a nick but the ball falling an inch short of slip. Hard times. Next into the breach were the two Pauls, Holden and Turley bowling well in tandem. The next bowling change brought the wickets, Taimoor and Vidal bowling both of their openers. This was potentially our undoing as the next batsmen were a class above the openers. They smashed us around a bit. Paul Turley doing well by bowling their dangerous number four. Hugh bowled an excellent spell for zero reward. Cricket can be a cruel and unfair mistress.

Set 230 to win, myself and AG kicked off the innings. The boundaries flowed and things were looking good. After an uncharacteristically fluent innings I was out caught to bring the seasoned campaigner Steve Fernbank to the wicket. Steve and AG were purring. It was like watching proper cricket.

Alas, the bowling was good and we lost regular wickets and the innings flickered without becoming ablaze. Skipper Jason steadied the ship but the run rate was climbing. Highlights include Ruby smiting a huge six over cover and some wristy beauties from Vidal.

So no win but no matter. A fun game with good oppo. And as we often do, finished off by idling away with drinks in the sun, on the Tedore non-memorial bench telling tall tales and talking nonsense. Happy days.

Hackney Umpires CC Batting

229 for 3 in 35 overs

London Fields Bowling

1Hugh McNaughton70460-
2Darrin Lewis61440-
3Paul Holden60370-
4Paul Turley7130130.00
5Taimoor Malik4111111.00
6Vidal Bharath3039139.00
7Ruby Quince20160-

London Fields Batting

 NameScoringHow OutBowlerRuns
1Tom Hughes CaughtJack Lewis18
2Adam Graham BowledKieron23
3Steve Fernbank CaughtAndrew Swaine22
4Jason Lord CaughtManny22
5Taimoor Malik CaughtKieron0
6Ruby Quince LBWKieron9
7Vidal Bharath BowledManny7
8Hugh McNaughton BowledManny0
9Paul Turley CaughtManny4
10Paul Holden BowledMartin6
11David Lewis NotOut1
    Total 138 all out

Hackney Umpires CC Bowling

No Details

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